Health & Safety

First Aid

This can be obtained from the tea Room – nearest Hospital is Louth – High Holme Road – Louth – and has an excellent Urgent Care dept but not a full A and E – the closest A and E is Grimsby.

If any children within the group do have special medical needs then staff will be required to bring their appropriate medication with them.


General – first and foremost we want all staff, parent helpers and children to return home happy and satisfied at the end of their day out with us.

Please follow instructional signs, information boards and staff advice.


School and group leaders must use their discretion in providing enough adults within the group to supervise and ensure sensible and reasonable behaviour of the children. To facilitate this Rushmoor gives free entry to all teaching staff and parent helpers.

An adult should accompany children at all times but especially within the car park, play areas and toilets.

To prevent accidents, falling, tripping and sprains children should be discouraged from running, kicking stones or playing within the car park and entrance areas. Care should be taken on wet grassy areas and fences and gates should not be climbed on.


Food and Drink

No food or drink should be taken into the animal, bird or livestock areas – The Party Room is reserved for each visit to allow for picnic lunches etc to be kept safely. Designated picnic and eating areas are all located outside of the animal areas.

Hands must be washed after the visit to the animal areas and supervised by staff to ensure correct hand washing by the children.

Staff and parent helpers should ensure children do not put their fingers or thumbs in their mouths nor a dummy if it falls to the ground.



Appropriate clothing for a farm visit will include sturdy shoes ( no open toes) or Wellingtons. Waterproof outer clothing is advisable should the weather look like rain.

In the summer months sun lotion may need to be applied and plenty of fluids drunk.


Outside Play Areas

These are located outside of the animal areas and a member of staff should be in attendance for the well being of the children.

All equipment is checked daily and any faults/repairs are logged daily. The ground can become muddy after heavy rain and therefore slippery and equipment can also be slippery when wet – use of the equipment is unsupervised by Rushmoor staff and is at the user’s own risk.


Albert’s Hall

This is the undercover indoor animal barn with all the small animals and lambs and allows a close up handling experience for the children. Staff will guide and work with each group to ensure safe animal handling and information – fingers must be kept out of cages and mouths.


Livestock, Lamb Feeding, Birds of Prey and Albert’s Hall

Staff will introduce the animals and provide information on type and care of each animal or birds.

Care and instruction on safe and correct handling is given and animals are rotated to ensure no animal is stressed by over handling.

Children who are willing and confident will be given animals/birds to handle although staff will remove the animal if they are showing signs of agitation – this is for the safety of the animal and the child - teachers and parents need to support the advice given by the park staff.


Animals should never be kissed and staff instructions on how to correctly hand feed animals must be followed. Any cuts or abrasions should be covered by a light waterproof dressing.


Pony Rides

Pony rides are offered on the proviso the ground is safe – not wet or slippery, the child is confident and the parent or group leader has given their permission. The pony is on a lead rein for the duration of the ride and completely under the control of the staff member. He/she will stop the ride if there is indication either the child or the pony is unsettled.

All children waiting must remain seated and quiet and under the control of the teacher/group leader whilst waiting for their ride



Lost Children

Rushmoor is not an overly large area but as we do not have a public address system it is recommended a meeting point is pre-arranged (maybe the entrance area) – and please advise a member of staff immediately a child is noted to be missing. All our staff are friendly and approachable so encourage children to speak to them if they have become separated from their group.



In the event of a fire staff will ask you to leave quietly and meet in the car park alongside the hedge. Teachers and supervising staff are required to gather their children into their group and ensure all are accounted for.